Friends of Leisl

Women who have ACTUALLY visited Isabella Rossellini's character from "Death Becomes Her".

If Jared Leto ingested a potion, it might be the least-surprising fact ever…
Henceforth, hurling the phrase “You’re the Rhoda” at someone will be code for “you haven’t aged since 1964”.
Did you know that Leisl also makes modified hormonal potions used in beef? Specifically, in the burgers from “Good Burger”?
(For Heidi)
Marla Maples is my favorite character on 30 Rock.

Anyballs...: #FirstWigProblems


This is the Drag Race rundown I just gave Heidi.

Don’t worry - it contains no spoilers, just my first-take of this season’s batch of queens.

General sentiment of this season - SO MANY FAT CHICKS. Like, I’m not even kidding, HALF OF THEM are plus-sized queens… And Ru was right when she…

Yes, I’m re-blogging my own post following the premiere of this season’s Drag Race, BECAUSE IT ALL HOLDS UP.

(Source: bitchsalad)

I’d like to issue an apology to Michelle Pfeiffer for not being the first person I thought of when this blog was created.
PS - Nice self-side-eye.
Bonnie's aging Raitt-ing? 10/10. I credit the age-defying skunk tail.
Gina Gershon knows what’s up…
Enemies of Leisl Edition: Jean Shimpton.
The present day “Shrimp” looks like a Williamsburg-based witch.
Happy 61st (!) birthday, Patricia Richardson. Somebody’s home needs no improvement.